Eddie was born 1969 in Voecklabruck, Upper Austria. The Austrian painter is an artist of the "Phantastic Expressionism" or "Phantastic Realism". His work is decribing dream worlds

of an erotic nature.

Using charcoal and pastel sketches done from life models as a starting point he creates his own phantastic, expressiv, sometimes surrealistic paintings.

Artistic Education

2 Semester life drawing and acrylics painting classes but still considers himself a selftaught artist.

Since 2008 private lessons by Christine Hirschberg in Holzhausen.

The artist lives and works in Linz, Upper Austria.

At first, he was still very expressive, with the emphasis already on the fantastic performance. Through the further development of the technique of painting the brush stroke finer and the workings more accurate.

Eddie produced a charity picture for Shilling for Shilling, where celebrities from music, film and art immortalized themselves. The highlight was an invitation by Prof. Ernst Fuchs in the Fuchsvilla in Vienna, where the master also painted on the painting.

His work was shown in Upper Austria, Vienna, Salzburg and abroad, in Spain, the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, the USA and France.

In 2016, he was awarded the honorary prize of the European Circle of Arts in Paris.

Founder and organizer of the EUROPEAN ART FEST